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EST. | 2019

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We at His Society, understand the importance of  grooming , skincare and lifestyle accessories such as leather bound journal diary, premium leather wallets and more. As much as we would like to deny and fly past the fact that men need a nice and properly articulated guide through skincare and grooming, the industry of beauty is strangely lacking in this area. On the other hand men have been constantly evolving with their growing need for a proper skincare routine and grooming tools, making them search for products which will fit their requirements and deliver results. He has an immaculate sense of style and likes to maintain himself, not only for his own satisfaction but also because he has an image to match up to.

A desirable man is one who is powerful, knowledgeable, well-groomed and smells great, but the amount of stress they have to go through to find skincare, grooming and lifestyle products to meet their needs is outrageously unfair,not to ignore the fact that they are crunched for time, because of packed work schedules and social events. We felt the void in the area and decided to do something about it, in a sense we like to think of ourselves as the knights in shining armor.

As a result of our observations,realization,study and need for a solution, we came up with the idea of curating a subscription box which is dedicated to men, with a bespoke and carefully curated array of grooming , skincare and lifestyle products for the man who likes to look and smell immaculate all the time.

It is for the man that understands that skincare is a uni sexual need and grooming is a much needed practice, he does not shy away from it just because it has been closely related to women only, for the longest time. He is someone who believes in liberation of both the sexes and everyone’s in between, is non – judgmental, and has the power to take a stand and fight for it.

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