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EST. | 2019

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The brand is mainly meant for men, with an array of skincare, grooming and lifestyle products designed and put together, especially for them. The silent brooding kind ,whose presence alone makes a world of difference. The brand is meant for men who know what they are doing, and does it without cooking up a ruckus or literally scream for attention. A  man who is somewhat dominating, and takes control, he flourishes in it, has the capability of being dangerous to get what he wants. Somebody who works on principles. A man who does not need to dial up his charm to get the attention of women, he gets it without making an effort to do so. Somebody who does not objectify women, rather respects them, in his own way. He is not above being dangerous and a cut throat person, when it comes to his profession yet has an inner personality that is cultivated, well read and appreciates the finer things in life , but does not exploit his luxuries neither flashes it.

Somebody who has a dark, silent, mysterious, intense, controlled, well-spoken and well-read aura around himself. A man who does not have to speak to describe what he does or what his likes and dislikes are. He could be just present, and the initial superficial look of him itself screams man. He is somebody who prefer to brood over a book in his own library with a glass of good scotch, rather hit clubs or pubs. He prefer his own controlled environment, and does not feel the need to be on the prowl for potential female attention. Somebody who you are more likely to find in a gentleman’s club, or over a game of chess with a selected few friend, not in a rowdy bunch, or hanging around in their cars somewhere. He is human too, and is not above his flaws, but his flaws are what makes him his own person, they make him unique rather being blatant drawbacks. There is a line between a man and a boy. 

He is somebody who does not follow the rules of being handsome, or confer with society’s idea of handsome, he is someone who creates his own definition of handsome, from all perspectives. He is a man who is like fine wine, or a specific single malt. He is like acquired taste, not “leave you starry eyed, with his good looks and irresistible charm” kind.

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