My whole life has been a living testament to the evolution in the character of men, from the stoic, and strict heads of my family, who meant well but disregarded gender equality to the men to have evolved greatly from their older version, to men who are dynamic,accommodating,powerful yet not power-abusive, strict but just,well -travelled and read,and considering the whole package way more alluring.To explain it a little better I grew up in a conservative Indian family where the females were in veil in front of elderly male members of the family, and the males were strict and imposing. These were men who seldom gave grooming a hard thought.


Later in life, while pursuing my degree in law, I was catapulted into a world where men were immaculately dressed, perfectly poised, well groomed, well-read and travelled substantially, who have been exposed to different cultures, and surprisingly they were not the same strict and imposing men, that I grew up with. It seemed like a different dimension. Fresh out of university when I was offered internships and later a job at top notch law firms, I was pleasantly surprised and elated at the same time, discovering this new facet to the character of men.

These men not only put more that pennies worth of thought into their grooming and upkeep, but were also striving towards building a society, that was at gender equilibrium. They also gave me hope that chivalry was not dead, and men treated the opposite sex as their equals and not  as the weaker section of the society. They held doors for their female colleagues, spoke with authority but never with an air of arrogance or dominance and seemed to identify the fact that their female colleagues were just as much competition.

It was sobering for me to have witnessed men in high flying places and great achievers, who were also understanding, accommodating, competitive but with highly cultivated tastes and sense of equality.

Thereafter, in my later years while pursuing my Global Executive MBA (which also gave me chance to go The Wharton school, Philadelphia), I got the opportunity to see and interact with leaders from various diverse industries. As my views on the numerous aspects of a man expanded, so did my knowledge of the fact that a lot of effort & sometimes, essentially more than that of a woman, went into their grooming, as well as finding products that fit their requirement.

Modern Men do not shy away from checking themselves out in the mirror on way to a luncheon or conference. They are not only well groomed but are equally non-judgmental about their non-groomed contemporaries.

It felt like I had access into snippets of a man’s mind, their need for upkeep and grooming, grooming was one of their tools of self-expression. I also realized that there is a huge void when it comes to men’s products, there are not enough categories nor brands that could fulfill the demand. Also, the lack of a complete solution for grooming and skincare was a huge void. This triggered an idea, and I toyed with it for quite long before coming up with “His Society”. It is my labor of observation, of realization, of elation and relevance, of conviction to find a solution, for men who deserve it.

It is a platform where the His Society team, puts together a curated, luxury bespoke solution to all grooming, lifestyle, and skincare related woes that men have been battling for an embarrassingly long period of time. It is a step towards change, a change in the men’s product industry, which will hopefully make the journey through a man’s skincare routine, smooth, effortless, poised, luxurious, and minimally time and effort consuming.

His society is my tribute to these men who deserve nothing but the best, because when you are in HIS SOCIETY (HS) you feel nothing but contented and assured.

The HS man wants to put best foot forward , and is also a man who is intelligent, kind and believes in fair play.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        - RJ


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