EST. | 2020

The concept of masculinity is changing.............

The centuries old ingrained idea of robust masculinity is changing, and it is changing continually without a break. The stances towards change is rigid and, in many cases, reluctant, yet it is changing and for the good. It is an era of reprieve for the alpha male, a golden chance for him to break free of the gilded cage of power, dominance, preference and the glorified idea of it.

The alpha male is no more the puppet of the master puppeteer called society, with the evolution in motion, he is ready to take things in his own stride. His steps are languid, free of the suffocating array of rules, and image keeping.

The proud men adorning the pages of history, though glorified by their achievements, practices and sometimes debatable decisions, falls short majorly when thrust into the modern scenario. He is a misfit, as he fails to understand equality, and acceptance at large.

The changed face of masculinity, is like a breath of fresh air, or least the makings of it. He is way more alluring now, since he has dialed up his charm, and works his way through difficulties smoothly, instead of using brute force and the advantage of position. He is still the predator, a species fueled by the urge of success, in all peripheries, but now he does with finesse, he is no more rough at the edges. He has grown more accommodative, understanding and receptive towards the other sexes and has become mature enough to accept that the world is not one huge boy’s locker room, they need the other sexes as much as they need more of their own.

The change has made him more alluring and attractive, in contrary to popular hesitance, softening their harsh edges, their maturity and realization has made them a bigger hit with their more intellectual, powerful, mature, and evolved peers and obviously with the other sex. They are no more the egoistic, pheromone charged people, whose main idea was to prove their dominance, the new age establishes dominance effortlessly and without resistance. Realization has dawned on men that rigidity, unacceptance and stubbornness, only portrayed their insecurity more profoundly. The insecurity of being upended as the more powerful dominant sex.

Keeping all of it astride, men have learned about self-care. He has taught himself to extensively take care of how he looks, his skin, his attire and lifestyle. Men now take care of themselves for a plethora of reasons. He wants to look good, for a boost of confidence, for feeling successful, and in control, he wants to appeal to his seniors, his peers, his romantic prospects and even to his enemies. He wants to induce the feeling of power, of being in control, of inducing want, need, desire and also a profound sense of jealously, in his competitors, to intimidate his enemies into submission.

But whatever be the reason, man has finally realized, the unbridled need for self-care, and the factor has made him more human. more approachable, more relatable and secure of themselves, and does not by a far chance express vulnerability, because we are humans, with errors, some are skin deep and have to be taken care of with products, nothing wrong with that.

The brightest side of it is that, man is now so comfortable in his own skin, so powerfully assured of his place in society, his insecurity of loosing control and his ego is no more a deterrent. He is so comfortable with himself, that he is no more scared to hide behind the walls of rigidity. They are surer of their much that they are not scared of accepting their flaws in public and talking care of them in every way possible because they deserve it.

Every hard working, rightful human does, irrespective of their sex. The alpha male is still an alpha, he is still in control, but now he is effortlessly handed over control, because he maneuvers, through it effortlessly, with the help of his undeniable charm, and not intimidating, brute force, fear or cruelty.

It is more seductive, more desirable to be a man now, that all he needs to be is exist and be comfortable in his own skin, and the rest just falls into place. The power has not changed hands, the way of yielding it has, and it looks promisingly desirable.

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