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Product : Four Elements Bathing Bar (Shea & Lemongrass)

Collection : Five Elements

Description : The mystical notes of Lemon with a tint of spice take you to an exotic world of Persian Lime. The gentle foaming bathing bar with a fresh fragrance is sure to make spirits bright while cleansing and nourishing the skin. Gentled with the goodness of Aloe and Glycerin, it suits all skin types.

Why you will love it : 

• A moisturizing soap bar with the goodness of Shea Butter, Aloe and Glycerine
• Gentle formula with a rich luxurious lather for your bathing pleasure
• Enriched with the freshness of lemongrass
• Cruelty-free, SLS free and Paraben-free
• 100 % Vegan formula curated for all skin types

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Product : Tea Tree, Hemp, Neem face wash

Description : This uniquely formulated cleanser will balance sebum production and leave your skin with a youthful radiant glow. Hemp deeply cleans the skin pores and tea tree helps in getting rid of stubborn acne, leaving you with a clearer and brighter complexion. Neem leaves the skin soft and supple and helps fading acne scars and pigmentation like a boss!

Hemp, Neem and Tea Tree drive out the impurities settled deep into your skin and helps in healing and calming acne-prone skin. Ylang Ylang and Lavender help in balancing the sebum production of the skin and naturally tones and lifts the skin while fighting signs of ageing.

Frankincense and Juniper Berry help in lightening blemishes and pigmentation leaving you with clear and even-toned complexion. Enriched with antioxidants and necessary fatty acids, Olive oil and Castor oil keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated at all times with a blissful radiant glow.

Why you will love it : 

  • Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

  • Helps Regulate sebum production from skin.

  • Helps fight acne and fade blemishes.

  • Helps reduce pigmentation and fights signs of ageing effectively.

  • Nourishing Olive oil and Castor oil helps to moisturize and hydrate skin.

  • Packed with powerful antioxidants.

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Product : Wooden Beard Comb (Neem)

Description : A comb specifically designed to keep your beard tame, with a slight curve, on its set of teeth, this comb is made so that it sculpts with the contour of your face, helping you to avoid those awkward straight strokes, which inevitable leaves patches unbrushed. A small comb, that is travel friendly, and vanishes into your pockets easily, it is easy to carry, and made out of high quality neem wood, which arrests hair fall, and fungal growth in your facial hair, checks oil production and grease, and helps to keep your beard, clean , healthy an din check.

Why you will love it : 

                                         . It is environment friendly and sustainable

                                         . Made of high quality neem comb

                                         . Arrests hair fall & fungal growth

                                         . Checks sebum production & helps get rid of grease

                                         . Face contour friendly shape

                                         . Small and travel friendly

                                         . Multi- Functional

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Product : Wooden toothbrush (Bamboo)

Description :  An eco-friendly bamboo based toothbrush, that is 100% bio-degradable

                               and sustainable, and reduces carbon footprint distinguishably.

                               A very attractive, environment friendly brush, that kills microbes the most natural way

                               and significantly reduces waste.

Why you will love it : 

                                         . It is lightweight & travel friendly

                                                . It naturally kills microbes

                                                . Eco-friendly & sustainable

                                                . Kills mouth odor

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Product : Luxury Leather Wallet

Description :  A premium quality Cognac bifold leather wallet, with an elastic closure, and brushed brass fittings, this sleek                                        number is sure to add an edge to your look discreetly.

                                A man that carries a good wallet is automatically alluring, this wallet is one of the must-haves for

                               all of you men out there. With a comfortable cotton twill lining, this wallet is a winner.

Why you will love it :

                                        . It is sleek & discreetly sets itself in your pockets without adding unnecessary bulk

                                               . A classic colour with a complimenting elastic closure in blue & rust

                                               . Made of premium quality leather, it is designed to last

                                               . A great style with all the essentials.

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