EST. | 2019




A luxury leather bi fold wallet with an elastic band closure. Crafted from the finest quality of Tan DDDM leather. A sleek and classy design,with a range of assortments to keep you organized, without adding bulk to your pockets with an elastic band closure to secure the contents inside. In a great midnight blue it is one of the most low maintanence colours for a wallet.


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Please Note : Cash on delivery is available at a flat shipping rate of INR 70.00.

  • Care Manual

    A well maintaned wallet can last decades, thus taking care of your wallet is essential :


    .  Do not over stuff your wallet.

    .  Avoid sitting on your wallet.

    .  Simply use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt over your wallet.

    .  Dry your wallet, by wiping with a dry cloth and allow it to dry in               room temparature.

    .  Rub a leather cream on the surfaces if you notice any cracks.